All profits of Black & Blue go towards weareone:collective.

There are 60,000 refugees currently held in camps in Greece, these are predominantly people from Syria , Iraq and Afghanistan and large numbers of them are children. They are in Greece because they wish asylum from Europe and are fleeing conflict and oppression in their countries of origin, many of them have been interned in these joyless bleak refugee camps in Greece for up to 10 months and they are going to be stuck in Greece indefinitely. In the meantime, whilst they are there thousands of volunteers from all over the world who give up their time to trying to help ensure that life for these people is a little more bearable. The facilities that they live in are in many instances nightmarish, unsanitary and dangerous places, with no child-safe spaces and no education and no recreational activities provided. Groups like weareone:collective have been trying to change that through a program of workshops and projects on the ground in the camps.

These workshops and projects challenge the more conventional notion of humanitarian support and aim to deliver projects, which inspire and give agency to the marginalised refugee communities, they give opportunities for personal growth, skills sharing, self-expression and are not focused on giving help through aid. The workshops involve sport, community art, music, citizen journalism, photography, stop frame animation workshops, a self-organised cafe and a pop-up cinema.

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